Information About Periodontics Services

The overall health and cosmetic appeal of your gum and bone tissues are equally as vital to your smile as the condition of your teeth. The qualified dental care providers at MINT dentistry in College Park, GA proudly provide advanced periodontal procedures to help treat common but concerning issues, such as bone loss in the jaw and overgrown gum tissues. Find out how these cutting-edge periodontal services could elevate the beauty and wellness of your smile.

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Prior to implant placement, bone grafting surgery might be performed to reinforce the jawbone if it has atrophied from a missing tooth.

Crown lengthening is a cosmetic procedure performed to remove extra gum tissue and uncover more of your enamel for a healthy, attractive smile.

Laser gum contouring removes overgrown and excess gum tissue to help improve the appearance of your smile and diminish the risk of gum disease.

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